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Rainbow-Jordan Wilderness

The Rainbow-Jordan Wilderness provides a crucial refuge for wildlife offering a safe haven for numerous species, including grizzly bears.

About Rainbow-Jordan

The Rainbow-Jordan Wilderness is a pristine expanse of the rare Inland Temperate Rainforest, identified as a potential protected area by the Valhalla Wilderness Society in 2017. This wilderness is one of only four known hotspots of this ancient ecosystem, serving as a sanctuary for many rare and at-risk species. Located just north of Revelstoke, it lies within the traditional territory of the Sinixt people (Tmxʷúlaʔxʷ), the original stewards of this land. Spanning 11,915 hectares, this area is home to monumental cedar trees over 3.5 meters in diameter and includes a diverse range of important ecosystems, including a previously undocumented type of wetland.


Impact on Grizzly Bears.

The Rainbow-Jordan Wilderness provides a crucial safe haven for grizzly bears and other wildlife displaced by human activities. If this area is not protected, these bears will lose critical habitat necessary for their survival. The loss of this habitat would increase human-wildlife conflicts and threaten the already vulnerable grizzly bear population.

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To protect this ancient forest and its inhabitants, your support is needed. Please consider writing a letter to local decision-makers. Your voice can make a difference in ensuring the preservation of this invaluable natural treasure for future generations. Together, we can safeguard the Rainbow-Jordan Wilderness and its vital role in our ecosystem.

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