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Encountering bears.


There’s a bear in my yard, what do I do?

It can be a shock to find a bear in your yard or around your home. Read our guide below to know how to stay safe and what to do next.

If there is a conflict with a bear, call the Conservation Officer immediately (1-877-952-7277) and RCMP (250-837-5255)

When there’s a bear near your home.


Move safely indoors

Do NOT run. Do not turn your back to the bear, and do not make eye contact. If you, members of your family or pets are outside, move slowly and quietly inside.


Let your neighbours know

Phone your neighbours and let them know that a bear is in the area so they can get any kids or pets to safety.


The bear should leave

Sit back and wait. If the bear has no reason to stay, it should soon leave. If the bear does not leave within an hour or so, becomes aggressive, or attempts to enter your residence, you should immediately call the Conservation Officer (1-877-952-7277) and RCMP (250-837-5255).


Report the sighting

Please report the sighting to us. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE BEAR WILL BE SHOT. These reports help us keep track of what bears are up to in Revelstoke’s neighbourhoods so that we can provide education to those who need.

What’s next

Things to consider after a bear sighting or encounter:

Bears are fascinating to watch; however, we must ensure they are not rewarded with food when they visit us. A bear who finds food will return, becoming bolder and more curious. By leaving attractants on your property, you are putting the bears, yourself, your family, and your neighbours at risk.

Under the British Columbia Wildlife Act, it is unlawful to provide food to wild animals, either purposely or by neglect. If you do not remove food sources, you may be facing as much as $15,000.00 in fines.

Learn more about the law.

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Why my yard?

Look for attractants and remove them. Learn more about what attracts bears. Create easy paths of escape from your yard for animals.


Remove attractants

Learn more or our Bear Aware Coordinator can help with suggestions and tips.

I’ve encountered a bear outdoors, what do I do now?

If there is a conflict with a bear, call the Conservation Officer immediately (1-877-952-7277) and RCMP (250-837-5255). To avoid conflict with a bear in the wild, it’s important to be prepared

What to do if you come across a bear outdoors:


Do NOT run.

Do not turn your back to the bear, and absolutely do not run. Running indicates that you are prey and the bear will chase you. Back away slowly, avoiding eye contact.


Back away slowly.

Pick up any children or pets and move away slowly. Get out of the bears path if you can. Do NOT run.


Don’t make eye contact.

Don’t make eye contact with the bear. Bears can read this as threatening behaviour which can provoke a conflict.


Speak calmly but firmly.

Don’t scream or shout at the bear. Speak calmly and let the bear know that you are human, be firm with a steady tone.


Have your bear spray ready.

Always carry bear spray and have it accessible. Every adult in your group should have their own bear spray.

If there’s a conflict with a bear:

If there is a conflict with a bear, call the Conservation Officer immediately (1-877-952-7277) and RCMP (250-837-5255)


Call the RAPP hotline if you see a bear.

Your first call should be to the RAPP (Report All Poachers and Polluters) hotline. They will then share the information to the relevant people, such as the local conservation officer, and our team at Bear Aware. Reporting a bear sighting to RAPP does not mean that the bear will be harmed.

Please call the RAPP hotline if you see a bear in Revelstoke.


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