The Gleaning Project

The Gleaning Project gathers surplus fruits and vegetables from our community, helping to reduce bear attractants.  Residents with excess fruit can contact Revelstoke Bear Aware to arrange volunteers to harvest the fruit.  The volunteers receive some of the fruit and the remaining fruit is donated to Community Connections Food Bank.  The project also invites all residents to donate their extra fruit, berries and vegetables to Community Connections Food Bank.

The Bear Hazard map was used to identify “hot spot” areas of historic bear activity related to fruit.  A letter inviting residents to take part in the program was distributed to 50 homes during our door-to-door campaign.  The program was advertised through posters distributed throughout the community, through advertisements on the local radio station, and through articles in both local papers.

Community Connections Food Bank was pleased to receive 600 pounds of cherries, plums and apples from The Gleaning Project this year.  Community Connections Food Bank also saw an increase in the amount of fruit that was being donated outside of The Gleaning Project.  All of the volunteers received a Bear Aware Cookbook containing tasty ideas for plums and apples. Volunteers contributed over 48 hours into The Gleaning Project in 2010.

Natalie Stafl, Volunteer with The Gleaning Project

The Gleaning Project donated 600lbs of fruit to Community Connections Food Bank in 2010

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