Spring Garbage Tagging Campaign

Bear Aware has been working on a “Garbage Tagging” campaign to remind residents that The City of Revelstoke Garbage Collection Bylaw No. 1759 states that standard garbage containers shall be placed on the street only between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. on the day of collection. While most residents adhere to the Bylaw, many people are putting garbage on the curb the night before pickup. Revelstoke Beare Aware is “Garbage Tagging” these bins with a bright yellow “Bear Attractant” sticker as a friendly reminder to adhere to the Bylaw. Bear Aware is urging people to store garbage in a secure garage or shed, as garbage is not safe from a bear in a carport or on a deck.

Revelstoke Bear Aware would like to thank the Ministry of Forest and Range’s Compliance Officers for their support of the Spring Garbage Tagging Campaign!

Revelstoke Bear Aware has been conducting a Garbage Tagging Campaign this May and June to educate residents about properly storing garbage and reminding redsidents about placing garbage on the curb the day of pick up.

Revelstoke Bear Aware has also been going “Door-to-Door” to let residents know about Bear-Proofing homes. Learning how to keep bears out of our neighbourhood by managing food attractants will prevent the destruction of bears. We are asking residents to store garbage properly, pick fruit trees, feed pets inside, bring in bird feeders, and clean barbeques. It is of utmost importance to the safety of our community and the well being of bears that when bears visit our neighborhoods they do not find food.

Garbage Bear

Garbage Bear in search of food. Photo: Janette Vickers 2010

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