Pruning Workshop

Revelstoke Bear Aware, with in-kind support from the City of Revelstoke, held their first Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop in May 2010.  Fruit is identified as the second largest attractant, after garbage, for bringing bears into the community.  Pruning a fruit tree to a more manageable size allows for ease of picking and can reduce excess fruit for the resident. The tree chosen for the event was one that was in much need of pruning and had a history of a bear visiting it in 2009.  The local resident had asked for assistance from Revelstoke Bear Aware in 2009 as part of “The Gleaning Project.”

Fruit Tree Pruning- May 2010

Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop- May 2010

After large branches were removed, bear scratches were revealed

Participants in the workshop learned from the City’s arborist, Matt McCaw, how to prune fruit trees correctly, tools that are needed, how much a tree can be pruned and the correct timing.  Participants were also given the opportunity for hands on experiences in pruning branches themselves.

The event was a huge success with 25 participants attending.

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