Contractor required: Revelstoke Bear Aware Coordinator

Contract Description:-

The mission of Revelstoke Bear Aware is to reduce human-bear conflict through education, cooperation and active management initiatives in the community of Revelstoke and surrounding area.

The Revelstoke Bear Aware Coordinator is a contract position. The Coordinator is responsible for the delivery of the Revelstoke Bear Aware program, including working with the public, working with other agencies, and conducting the affairs of the society. This position requires maturity, self-reliance, and the ability to work alone with minimal supervision.

The Coordinator is expected to provide his or her own workspace, computer, and vehicle (mileage is provided). The Coordinator requires space to store the society’s props for doing the work (table, signs, bear skins, etc.). A cell phone with a limited plan is provided.


  • Have post secondary education which may include:
  • Renewable Resource Management
  • Renewable Resources- Fish, Wildlife and Recreation
  • Natural Resource Management: Wildlife and Fisheries, Biology
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Education


  • Developing, organizing and implementing education and outreach programs and events.
  • Public speaking and delivering presentations.
  • Recruiting and organizing volunteers.
  • Writing funding applications and proposals.


  • Have a good understanding of local human-bear conflict issues.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to work in a professional manner with minimal supervision.
  • Good written and spoken communications skills.
  • Ability to write clear and concise reports, keep track of daily work, create work plans, and file monthly timesheets with details of work completed.
  • Knowledge of computer applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and WordPress (valuable asset).
  • Ability to maintain and post on the Society’s Facebook page and website.


  • Identify available bear attractants in the community and target these as items that need to be secured by their owners.
  • Deliver Bear Aware presentations to school groups, community groups, and attend public events and festivals.
  • Conduct Garbage Surveys and Tagging to educate residents about securing garbage.
  • Conduct Door-to-Door education campaigns.
  • Implement The Gleaning Project. Organize volunteers to harvest fruit from residents who contact Revelstoke Bear Aware with excess fruit to harvest.
  • Respond to requests from the public, usually received by phone or email.
  • Deploy roadside “Bear in Area” signs in areas of high bear conflict.
  • Work with the local media, whether it is online, print, radio or television.
  • Volunteer recruitment, orientation and direction to assist with various functions of the program.
  • Develop and maintain a relationship with the local Conservation Officers and Bylaw officers and to map all human-bear conflict complaints, and bear management incidents.
  • Establish a working relationship with local municipal and regional governments to promote Bear Aware community initiatives.
  • Produce an Annual Report detailing outcomes and achievements.
  • Identify and make applications to funding sources for the Society and report to funders at the end of the year.
  • Report to a board of directors, attend meetings and provide monthly updates on activities and budgets.
  • Coordinate program promotion, budgeting, donations, meeting agenda and minutes for the Society.
  • Work with groups and individuals within the community, regardless of their views or personal position they have on wildlife.

Terms of Contract:

  • Provide home office space, computer, printer, and Internet access.
  • Must have a valid drivers licence.
  • Must have a reliable vehicle.

Contract Fee: 

Part-time contract, 1040 hours per year at $25/hour, including some evenings and weekends. Use of hours will vary, fewer hours per week in winter and more hours per week during peak bear season.

START DATE:  May 15th 2016.

END DATE:  May 15th 2017.  Contract may be renewed on an annual basis.


How to apply


Submit resume including 3 references and cover letter, in PDF format to:


Closing date:  Friday, April 29 2016 at noon.








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