Bear Aware publishes its 2022 Annual Report

Executive Summary (for the full report please click here: 2022 Annual Report)

Becoming a Bear Smart community has been the goal of the Revelstoke Bear Aware Society for a long time and it is no small feat. Over the years we’ve worked diligently to ensure we are keeping our bears wild and community safe by developing Bear Smart initiatives:

1. Prepare a bear hazard assessment.
2. Prepare a bear/human conflict management plan.
3. Revise planning and decision-making documents.
4. Implement a continuing education program.

This year, with the approval of a $3 million project to implement bear-resistant bins throughout the community we bear smart community.

5. Develop & maintain a bear-proof waste management system.

A $2.2 million grant was written on behalf of the City of Revelstoke to the Province of BC for this project leaving only $800,000 as the City contribution. As of the end of 2022, we are still waiting on confirmation from the province on the grant. I would like to personally thank Councillor Rhind, our city liaison, for taking a firm stance in this initiative, as well as Steve Black, the Director of Engineering and Public Works at the City of Revelstoke for all of his hard work in making this happen. This is a huge win and I am grateful.

Garbage continues to be the greatest bear attractant in Revelstoke mostly due to garbage being stored in wildlife-accessible areas such as on or under porches and near back doors. Many people do not have secure storage for their garbage and should keep all waste foodstuffs frozen until collection day. However, there is still a significant proportion that has garages or sheds that could be used to secure it, even though the City of Revelstoke implemented a Wildlife Attractant and Garbage Bylaw No. 2178.

We’ve witnessed the positive effects of a bear-resistant garbage solution in communities such as Golden who implemented theirs a few years ago and saw no bears killed this year in comparison to our 8.

Revelstoke Bear Aware is looking forward to officially applying for Bear Smart community status in the coming year.

In the last year, we have also worked hard to provide education to both residents and visitors of Revelstoke. Providing up-to-the-minute reports on bear sightings online, by going door to door, posting street signs, and more. The Gleaning Project was also a success providing over 3413lbs of free fruit to the community.

It would not have been possible to deliver the Revelstoke Bear Aware program to so many members of the community without the support from volunteers, board members, community partners, funders, and city councilors – all of who care deeply about making Revelstoke Bear Aware the best that it can be in achieving our mission, to keep bears wild and our community safe.

Thank you,
Maggie Spizzirri
Community Coordinator

The Revelstoke Bear Aware Society would like to express gratitude to the following organizations for financial contributions made to Revelstoke Bear Aware in 2022:

Our Partners