Be Bear Aware

Pet and livestock feed

Bear & dogfood - BCCF

Bear eating dog food.

Pet food

If your pets, livestock, or wild birds eat it, a bear will eat it. How do you store your pet and livestock feed? Here are some suggestions to keep bears out of feed:

  • Feed pets indoors.
  • If you feed pets outside, remove any uneaten food as soon as your pet has finished.
  • Store pet food indoors or in a secure shed.






Livestock and livestock feed

Bears are often attracted to livestock feed and could end up feeding on the livestock, too. To reduce the risk of attracting a bear, follow these tips:

  • Store chicken feed indoors or in a secure shed.
  • Feed only a small portion of feed at any one time and keep the feeding area clear of spilled feed.
  • Use a correctly installed and maintained electric fence to protect chickens, beehives or other small livestock.
An electric fence can keep bears away from your fruit trees.

An electric fence will protect your chickens from bears and coyotes.


Click here for directions on how to build an electric fence.

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