Be Bear Aware

Family checklist

Here’s a Bear Aware Checklist to review with your family.

Click here to download this list for easy printing.


Understanding Bear Awareness

  • We’ve received bear safety information pamphlets or a Bear Aware presentation.
  • We are aware that garbage, fruit trees, pets, pet foods, bird feeders, unmanaged compost, unclean barbeques, livestock, and livestock feed can attract bears.
  • We call Revelstoke Bear Aware (250-837-8624) or visit see if we want more information on being Bear Aware.


  • We know not to approach a bear, and to stay indoors until a bear leaves.
  • We call the provincial toll free line at 1-877-952-7277 to report bear sightings.


  • We keep our garbage stored in a secure building between garbage pick-ups.
  • We do not put our garbage on the curb on the night before garbage day.


  • We pick all fruit as it ripens and remove all windfall fruit from the ground.
  • We’ve removed unwanted fruit trees, and manage our remaining trees well.

Compost, birdfeeders, and barbeques

  • We do not put oil, grease, dairy products, meat, bones or large quantities of excess fruit in our composter.
  • We manage odors from our compost pile by layering with soil and dried leaves, and turning the pile often.
  • We remove our birdfeeders between May and December.
  • After using our barbeque we burn or clean off food residues, empty the fat trap, and store the barbeque in a secure area.

Pets and livestock

  • We store pet food and livestock food indoors.
  • We feed our pets indoors.
  • We clean up spilled food from our chicken coops.
  • We use electric fencing to protect small livestock such as chickens or beehives.


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