Be Bear Aware


Revelstoke is a green, fertile community where gardening is a hobby of many people. For the most part, bears are not attracted to our vegetable gardens or flowers. However, the compost pile, if managed improperly, can attract bears into our backyard. To eliminate this attractant, take the following precautions:

    1. Never add meat, oil, or cooked food to your pile. Dairy products, baked goods, and unrinsed eggshells are strong attractants for many animals and insects (wasps), not just bears. Avoid adding these items.
    2. During the most active bear season (autumn), or if you know a bear has been seen in your neighbourhood, avoid adding kitchen scraps. These scraps can be placed in your freezer until the bears begin to hibernate. To increase the rate of decomposition, break down your scraps into smaller pieces. Consider an indoor worm composter, which is odour-free and convenient.
    3. Reduce the odours emanating from your pile. Turn the pile regularly, and ensure that it contains enough moisture. Bury all new kitchen scraps with grass clippings or garden refuse. Sprinkle lime on the pile, which helps to reduce odours.
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What’s wrong with this compost pile?

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