Be Bear Aware

Barbeques and smokers

Bear & Barbeque - BCCF

Barbeques that aren’t cleaned after each use can attract a bear.


Nothing says summer has arrived like the scent of a barbeque wafting on the breeze. However, these lovely odors also appeal to bears. Since bears have an incredible sense of smell, your sizzling steak may bring in a bear from quite a distance.




Please take the following precautions:

  1. Thoroughly burn off or clean your barbeque after every use.
  2. Keep your barbeque covered, and if possible, store it in a secure location, inaccessible to bears.
  3. If your barbeque has a grease catch, ensure that it is removed and cleaned after each use.


Many residents enjoy smoking fish and other products. These tasty treats are very tempting to not only bears, but birds, dogs, and other animals. If you use a smoker on a regular basis, follow the same precautions listed for the barbeque. If you must run your smoker for extended periods of time, especially overnight, consider a small, portable electric fence as a deterrent. Click here for directions on how to build a small electric fence.

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