Bear Aware publishes its 2021 Annual Report

Executive Summary (for the full report please click here: 2021 Annual Report)

Having purpose inspires and unites us.

It gives us energy. Being clear about our ambition helps turn that energy into positive results for the bears and the community. This is why in 2021 we embarked on creating both a plan on reducing human-bear conflicts in Revelstoke and a new Strategic Plan.

In the last year, we have worked hard to provide education to both residents and visitors of Revelstoke. Providing up-to-the-minute reports on bear sightings online, by going door to door, posting street signs, and more. The Gleaning Project was also a success providing over 1600lbs of free fruit to the community.

There were instances of property damage and numerous reports of bears that appeared habituated to humans and were unconcerned in the presence of, for example, honking horns. Most instances of bears becoming aggressive or damaging property appeared to be associated with bears having accessed garbage and fruit on a regular basis. There is considerable concern that these sorts of conflicts may result in increased human-bear conflict if garbage continues to be accessible to bears in the future. Over the last five years, we have witnessed an increase in aggressive behaviour. 2021’s major focus was working closely with the City of Revelstoke to achieve its new Official Community Plan amendment, to become a Bear Smart community. Significant research and discussions were had. With the implementation of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District’s (CSRD) compost station scheduled to open in 2022, it is the perfect timing to implement a bear-resistant garbage solution.

Thank you.
Maggie Spizzirri
Community Coordintor

The Revelstoke Bear Aware Society would like to express gratitude to the following organizations for financial contributions made to Revelstoke Bear Aware in 2021:

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